Are you an entrepreneur, corporate lawyer, solicitor or executive?

You are an entrepreneur, (statutory) manager, member of a Board of Directors or an executive in a governmental department or organisation. You are in search of inventive solutions to issues with legal components: not lengthy analyses with ambivalent conclusions that you have seen too often already. But concrete recommendations that can help you move forward… solutions that are practical and future-oriented; that take account of the specific and characteristic features of your organisation… solutions that provide legal comfort whilst supporting your policy at the same time.

You are a corporate lawyer or solicitor and are working on a case where new impetus would be welcome. You are looking for an ingenious second opinion that stimulates movement where stagnation threatens – or which pries loose whatever is stuck.

You are a manager/director of a company in the financial sector, insurance or an organisation that works regularly for governmental authorities. Compliance is a vital precondition for you and is expected of your company in demonstrable form – already now, and certainly in the future.
You are looking for an efficient implementation of compliance in the organisation to secure continuity, and a helping hand to appropriate the desired attitude.

"Inventive solutions instead of voluminous files. Guidance on the main lines with a great deal of attention for the capacity of companies and organisations to learn."