Strategic solutions that are value for money

The times call for a new approach… for legal advice that cuts problems down to size and makes them disappear instead of making them larger and more expensive… an approach that does justice to the fact that legal issues are often related with circumstances in a broader context of a strategic, organisational, financial and communicational nature.

We offer that approach, and with it, good solutions that are value for money.
Edgar Hennis, attorney-at-law, has a track record of over 30 years and has worked for the firms Buruma Maris (presently: Houthoff Buruma), Winters & De Vries and, as chairman of the board, for Smithuijsen Winters & De Vries (presently: SWDV).

Areas of specialisation: (international) contracts, cooperation agreements, joint ventures, CSR, management and supervision, manager’s liability, counselling/trusted advisor.
Ad hoc cooperation with lawyers specialising in other areas is also in the cards when useful to clients.

“I expect concrete results, a reasonable rate and solutions geared to future opportunities. We want to get fast, demonstrable results on the compliance front in order to guarantee business opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.”