Legal and other, multidisciplinary solutions and compliance

  • Solutions for legal matters, in and out of court
  • Multidisciplinary, project-based solutions in complex circumstances
  • Compliance:
    – a careful check on the general legal circumstances of your organisation;
    – a complete inventory of (future) compliance risks;
    – the implementation of compliance in your organisation.

You are now capable of complying successfully with the ever growing number of rules and requirements – plus controlled conduct of business to avoid the significant financial and/or reputation risks that compliance entails, within the legal and regulatory frameworks.

Contact attorney-at-law Edgar Hennis for solutions.

“Make clear what seems complicated, get what is stalled moving, cut through knots of seemingly Gordian proportions.”

“A few words often lead to a brand new insight; concise advice for a breakthrough with a new perspective.”

“Compliance is not a matter of ticking a checklist. Sound compliance is a demonstrable component of an organisation’s DNA”