Is your organisation in compliance?

Certified compliance is mandatory in the financial sector and in branches with major material risks such as the offshore industry and aviation. In other branches, “being in compliance” is voluntary proof of good governance – and an absolute prerequisite for doing business with government departments, major trading parties and authorities, which, as principals, are increasingly insistent on seeing proof of the material implementation of compliance in your organisation:

  • You meet all relevant laws and regulations;
  • Internal procedures are compliant therewith;
  • The organisation works according to established rules of conduct to guarantee such overall compliance in the long run;
  • The corporate culture is controlled and sound, risks are demonstrably minimised and under control.

I will take stock of the legal circumstances of your organisation and map the compliance risks. I will then advise you on how to be “in compliance” in your organisation – which minimises financial and reputational threats and creates a preferential initial position for important (potential) principals. Contact us for more information.